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Originally Posted by Leaker View Post
Do you really think BMW and Porsche are going to jeopardize their success by going to a steering set up that is inferior? Autobild (I think) raves about the steering. I bet if they hadnt told journalists that it had been changed there wouldnt be the negative comments.
That's a bit fanboish argument, don't you think? I think any company is capable of making a mistake, BMW and Porsche included.

But more importantly, we need to define what we mean by a good steering. This is what C&D said about the EPS in the new 911.

"Porsche’s attitude is that it is merely cleaning up flaws with the new car, but a lot of people like the character imparted by the old flaws."

As far as I understand, currently there simply does not exist an EPS system that can provide all the "road feel" (tugs and wiggles due to load and surface condition) of a good hydraulic setup, period. It is also true that the E9X rack did provide a decent amount of road feel. So I am 99% sure that the new rack in the F30 will not have all the liveliness of that in the E90.

The question then is whether this "feel" is important to you. I've read serious racing drivers saying they don't really care either way, but then I've also seen a lot of "purist" journos that obsess over this. I personally really like it, although I don't claim that it has any practical values, at least not on a public road. I can totally see why someone would prefer a smoother, lighter setup as long as it is precise, much like the VW GTI or some of the Honda setups. I do like those as well.
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