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Was thinking that too...

Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
Steering along with any other "feel" topics is very subjective. The majority of 3 series owners probably will prefer the new steering, and I would find it hard to believe they totally murder it like they did in the F10. Not gonna know till each of us drives it.
I was thinking somewhat like this...if the 3 series is the benchmark for all other small sport sedans, and part of its character is steering, then they will try to retain that characteristic, albeit finding better and improved technological advances. Unless the mechanics are totally different from the hydraulic systems (I am no expert so I have no idea), maybe they found out a way to retain at least hints of the traditional steering traits of the 3 series, while implementing something better from a technological point of view. I donīt know how exactly electromechanical steering systems work, but at least I hope I donīt have to go around every year and a half checking the damn hydraulic fluid container and / or the respective hoses checking for them being "calcified" by the heat, or developing leaks due also to heat damaging the seals...things which I think every BMW owner has experienced at one time in life. If this system is as well developed as germans do their stuff while eliminating the need for pesky liquids, I will be happy with one of these...