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I think in the end, as with so many things, it's a personal choice. Some people the Benz better, others the BMW. It's fun to see these comparisons but you shouldn't take it too serious imo, after all, he speaks from his own personal point of view, not from any one else's

Having said that, I have driven the C250 a while ago and to me there was no comparing possible to the 328i. The 328i wins, in my own point of view, on so many points.

In my opinion, the cost shouldn't make much difference between them. If you look at the bare price, then there is only 100 USD difference between these cars. If you option them alike then the difference is still not that great.. even better said, a quick look to both of them makes it look as if (I could be wrong) BMW gives more included options/possibilities than MB.
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