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2013 AH3 fuel economy

Originally Posted by bradleyq View Post
So even though I wanted a coupe, I am happy to sacrifice the look of a 2 door for the benefit of having a 6 cylinder petrol which will make the right sort of noise, whilst still returning good mpg (my driving is very mixed, rather than motorway, hence I think this hybrid will give me something close to 435d consumption). My hope is that the AH3 will be two cars in one, giving good consumption on a daily basis, but with the ability to just burn fuel and be properly quick when the opportunity arises.
Well........I'm now on my 2nd 2013 AH3. The first one got replaced because of repeated failures of the climate control system.

Both cars are unfailingly "properly quick when the opportunity arises," as you say. In Sport Mode, my AH3's have plenty of vroom. Very nice.

But, "good consumption on a daily basis"?
Not so much.

Driving in and around Miami, a mixture of short stretches on highway with city stop and go, both vehicles have averaged around 20-21mpg, overall after 1000-2000 miles. Driving 100-200 miles on highway, I might see 30-32 mpg.

Bottom line: set your expectations low for 'fuel economy' and high for 'fun to drive' when you want it to be, and you should do fine......based on my experience.
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