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Originally Posted by bradleyq View Post
I hence I think this hybrid will give me something close to 435d consumption).
I've had both the AH3 and 535d as loaners for the weekend and from my experience the AH3 will get much worse MPG than the diesel (23mpg vs. 30mpg, 50/50 city and highway, same roads, same conservative driving style).

For what it is worth, my F30 335 gets 25mpg (i.e. roughly the same as the AH3) and F30 328d loaner got 40mpg combined

Personally, unless you are getting an INSANE deal on the AH3 or 35d, I would recommend the 335 with MPPK and just absorbing the extra fuel cost, or getting the 20d/28d to see some significant fuel savings.

Maybe I would change my tune if I was paying $9/gallon and commuting 20k miles per year, but right now with $5/gallon and 10k miles per year I really don't see the point of the AH3 or 35d cars... AH3 is just a heavier and more complex 335.. no speed or mpg benefits.. the 35d feels nice off the line but falls flat at high revs / high speed... 335 pulls hard and has less pork to carry around than AH3
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