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Apologies for not reading the whole thread. I have a question I would like to ask other AH3 owners and I'm hoping this reaches a wide audience.

I have an AH3. I thought I read in the manual somewhere [?] that when using cruise control on the highway / motorway the car should use electric power as well as petrol power to ascend hills to improve economy.

I cant get my car to do it.

Sure it will switch off the engine when descending but never both sources of power unless I'm in full attack sport mode.

I regularly drive with cruise control and often along the same routes which include the same hills over and over again. I watch my battery level but it doesn't really go down noticeably on a steep ascent. I've tried choosing an Eco Pro route in the navigation and having the car set to Eco Pro mode itself but no joy.

Has anyone else successfully mastered this?
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