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Very good review and I was personally looking to see what you think of the ride quality on our UK roads.

Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
The Comfort
The Suspension
I didn't go for the Adaptive M Suspension because of one little letter. "M". I didn't want a hard ride, especially coming from the E90, I wanted more comfort, so I went for the standard setup. I then learnt that the "Adaptive M Suspension" is pretty much VDC as on the F10/F11 long after I placed my order, so I though "ahh shite!" VDC made such a change on the test cars I had so I was frustrated! If it was called "Variable Damper Control" and not "Adaptive M Suspension" then I would've ticked the box.
Thankfully, I really like the standard suspension and it's so much more comfortable than my 330d so I'm happy! It's also still stiff enough to feel the road and maintain composure with very little body roll.
If I knew what I know now, I would've gone for the Adaptive M Suspension because it's supposed to be even more comfortable in Comfort than the standard springs and I like how it would stiffen up in Sport mode so this is my ONLY regret on this car, but even then, I'm not that bothered by it because the standard setup is so good!
I found the 328i I tested (on standard suspension and 18" wheels) a massive improvement over standard suspension on the E90/91 models. But not firm enough for press on driving. My review comments were...

I leave the M90 after about 19 miles (with 38mpg on the OBC) and head along the A91 to Stirling, (my normal test route) as the surfaces are typical of my driving conditions. Roads with all sorts of contours, poor surfaces and a lot of patching, plus some pretty poor repairs through some of the villages. Very impressed with the car and how it copes, better than my car with its modifications, the best RFT shod BMW Iíve ever driven along this section of road. I get a chance to try the car out a bit, as there are some interesting bends and twisty sections of road. The car is well balance and so precise on its line, the suspension is set perfectly to blend the comfort with an edge of sportiness. Iím positive the smaller 4-pot up front has a lot to do with this carís balance and agility. Push a bit too hard and you know it is softly setup, Iíd want a bit more Ďtightnessí for the faster drives. But drive moderately and it is giving me what Iíd want for the conditions, a blend of dynamics that copes with poor surfaces without upsetting the drive. The issue of whether the car is on RFTs just didnít come into the equation.
So I'll be going for the adaptive suspension.

I also made the following comment...

I took the car into a busy car park (Garden Centre) to try congested areas and some speed bumps. The car goes over the speed bumps in the strangest way, hard to describe, but seems far too bouncy for the ride and control you get out on the road. Iím sure this is the Ďodd ballí from how BMW have tuned the suspension in such a fine way, for a blend of comfort and decent control.
Have you come across this one?

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