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Originally Posted by jlstyle View Post
Sorry but 328i doesn't live up to it's fame IMO.
I was expecting so much for this highly regarded 4cyl turbo and when I went for the event test drive last weekend, I was more than disappointed.
I mean look at all those numbers on this fairly heavy sedan!
I was somewhat expecting half assed S2000 (as an owner of AP2 S2000), but then car felt more like camry, not even a angry camry, just pretty ordinary everyday camry.
You CANNOT hear ANYTHING even if you are on sports mode and 6k RPM.
I tried to downshift consistantly just because I couldn't hear any sound that felt like reaching a redline.
Also, even if at hard acceleration from 1st or 2nd to redline, car just went like ordinary civic beaten to death. No excitement, no engine music, no g-force, no nothing.
I have no idea how they achieve 5.9 0-60 with that thing.
Even if it's that fast, there is absolutely zero grunt and you won't feel that you are accelerating hard.

I had all my love for new 4 cyl from BMW and now, there's no way I would consider any BMW with 4 cyl. Good old 6 cyl is the only way to go for the BMW.

I have had a small displacement forced induction engine in my stable for 15 years now. No matter the engine, the recent ones are barely audible as to engine/intake/exhaust note. Most of them do not even have boost gauges.

My 2.0 TSI VW is now back to stock after removing the full intake, 3" turbo back exhaust and stage 2 tune. The difference in sound and performance is night and day. It went from a boring mid-size sedan with average performance to a snorting, burbling high 13 second car that still netted 35mpg on the highway. I am anxious to do the same to my 328, aside from it being too loud.

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