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Originally Posted by nozydog View Post
Oh no, shock horror, someone touched the new paintwork with their... wait for it... BARE HANDS!!! Get a life, the paint will have a whole lot more than that thrown at it over its lifetime!!! And they're all built by robots anyway... those guys in the SA plant are just a bit more laid back in their attitude to life (black people always have & always will be way cooler than us pale faced pussys) it doesn't mean they can't follow protocol and work those machines just the same as a white European!!!
You speak absolute nonsense. You the one bringing race into this.

Just remember, it is "pale faced pussys" who built/funded that factory, supplied most (if not all) of its machinery, technology, put in place those protocols of which you speak and supplied most of the vehicles parts. The main reason that factory is there in the first place.

The car is simply assembled or 'put together' in South Africa - nothing to really boast about. Virtually all of its parts are imported with the most important work being done by (probably German made) machines.

90%+ of parts I have ever handled all said Made in Germany on them.

I have owned both SA and German made BMs. There is nothing wrong with an SA made car however there is also nothing wrong with wanting a German car made in Germany.
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