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Originally Posted by Viffermike View Post
No, it's not. It's being replaced by an EV in the same general genre by 2025. And that's only the beginning of how things at Audi will be much, much, much different in five years' time -- the plan is for 20-30 models to be all-electric by then.

Besides: Audi hasn't said exactly when present-gen TT production will end -- just that it will. For all we know, the current car will be on sale through 2024 -- or, maybe, one more generation will bow for 2021-24.

There are even rumors that the TT successor is already serving as a development platform for other VW AG models -- namely, the Porsche 718 and the VW Golf. THAT's the real shame. But that's modern automobile industry, especially post-Dieselgate.
I don't want to take this in another direction, but after reading your post I'm just wondering if all of the automakers who are announcing the big shift of their models to EV is really going to happen? I'm not saying it won't, just wondering out loud. The infrastructure is a long way from being in place and so much electricity in still being produced by fossil fuel generation that it begs the question is it any cleaner. That and the environmental and social impacts of producing EV's and their batteries. Interesting times we live in anyway, and back to the original topic, I've always liked the TT and the S models seem quite kool. If I had a 10 car garage and money was no object I might pull the trigger on one.
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