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Originally Posted by LogicalApex View Post
Wouldn’t you have to contact ConnectedDrive to confirm this?

IDrive setting disabling this would be confusing. What happens if Driver 1 disables it and Driver 2 enables? Etc.

It being disabled in the App makes sense as the app is account and profile specific. But only the primary account holder can disable remote services in the portal. I am sure this is the only way to disable stolen vehicle location services. But would require logging into your web portal.
Good question - I don't know - maybe it's because I only have 1 driver setup in the portal? But yes, what if 1 person turns it off and other turns it on, that makes no sense. I wish the only way to disable the vehicle location was through the portal, but that hasn't been my experience.

To detail my experience, car goes for software update (ID6).
I go to pick up car the next day, and discover that vehicle tracking in the app couldn't find the car at the dealership while I was waiting for it to be washed before being handed over to me.
Get to car - navigate through menus to find the setting had been turned off, check box to turn it back on, restart app and app started reporting car location again.
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