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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
Someone placed a video up that actually shows the wing bending. Your assertion is incorrect as is your math.

The delta between VER and HAM on Vmax is only about 4 km/h and even less so for PER.

The Red Bull leaps from the corners with their illegal torque management/traction control. Watch the Spanish GP again. In the last turn, the RB16-B practically leaps from the corner onto the straight and the W12 is only closing about 1/10th of a second.
All teams exploit rules, the speed delta Iím referencing is delta before the speed trap. I wasnít clear in my post, basically the acceleration to top speed happens quite a bit quicker with the Merc. Iíll try to take a snapshot of it. Iím going to check out your comment for corners and report back, how are they managing torque? Is it throttle mapping?

With DRS and slip stream and and without DRS. DRS is no joke.
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