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Originally Posted by afadeev View Post
M235i was there.
As was M6 GC (very confusing to find another 4-door 5er labelled as M6, but that's a discussion for another thread).

GC is the new wagon. I suspect that a few hard-core wagon fans might take an issue with that approach by BMW, but there simply aren't enough of them to change that fact.

Overall, BMW display area was a bit stale. Lots of SUVs and GCs, lots of ///M performance this and that.

MB was right next door, and at least they had C63S and GTS on display, both locked. The latter in some off-gold YMV-inspired color (MB calls it Solarbeam Yellow).

Lexus had the FT-1 on rotating display. Gorgeous car, even in boring grey.
Also RC-F and IS-models, unlocked, with IS350 up in the air so that you can walk underneath and explore from below. That was good.

This time around, spring is a slow season for major car model announcements?

NYIAS alternates with the larger Annual Chinese show which is taking place this year in Shanghai. Many manufacturers including BMW are preparing large scope premieres for this event, Mercedes will be previewing a concept to challenge the BMW X4 with other German manufacturers unveiling new directions in concepts or indeed production models. MINI are not even representing at NYIAS because of allocation issues with the exhibitors.
NYIAS falls between the larger NAIAS (The key important US show) and Los Angeles shows although Los Angeles alternates with Tokyo this year so there will be a bigger BMW response with strategic partner Toyota at the Tokyo show.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...