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Where'd my VTEC go?
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Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP View Post
Anyone that thinks fuel will stay "cheap" indefinitely is going to be sorely mistaken. Will it happen tomorrow? Who knows, fuel prices are unpredictable.

Anyone that doesn't see PHEV's and EV's as serious performance contenders are also not looking at the entire picture. Take a look at the latest crop of super cars, there are a few PHEV's in there, instant torque is addicting.

I have a REx i3, I last bought gas on 8/14/15.
PHEVs and BEVs will be the future. PHEVs make a lot of sense for most consumers. Gas-free daily commutes and just recharge at work or at home. You still have the gas engine for when you need maximum performance or for long distance travel. Cost is still a huge factor now, but as the tech improves and becomes more ubiquitous, it will get cheaper.

I can definitely see M-division employing this technology in the future as battery tech improves so they can keep the weight down.
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