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engine removal ****Update****

Anyone on here experience or have done a engine removal on a f30 n26 xdrive? Im working on this removing this motor because it is seized.

I want to know the easiest way, also do i drop the whole subframe with engine and transmission or can i just remove engine by itself if possible.

Any input would be appreciated thank you

****Update**** this is just a simple run through on what I did

Type of car 2013 BMW 328i xdrive N26 Automatic has 64k miles

Started the swap took me about 4 days to complete working 4-5 hours a day going slowly. (Since I have auto to put car in neutral there is a torque screw under the car next to transmission on the driver side screw it all the way up to put car in neutral this is for towing reasons)

First you disconnect the battery then I removed engine cover and intake box remove the cowl and front strut brace, I then jacked up car put it on stands and took front wheels off, the removed front bumper/ headlights/ front wheel liners/ front bumper support/ radiator support/ rad fan/ radiator and ac condenser, disconnect all necessary hoses and plugs

Next I did was remove the intake manifold, this involves removing some wire harness plugs to throttle bottle and intake tube and some vacuum lines, after manifold is removed I went and removed the starter, soon as that was removed I took the 6 bolts off the flywheel connecting to the transmission, I removed each bolt from under the car by removing the rubber tab gasket on transmission, to get to each bolt you need to turn the engine (turn it by the crank)

After that is done I took all the bolts off the transmission, then removed the front driveshaft 4 bolts and set that aside and held it up with a zip tie, then started to remove the front struts to get the axles out on both sides, also removed the bolts to the down pipe exhaust.

After that is done I put engine hoist and made sure engine is secure, then went ahead and and took the two bolts from the engine mounts out to free motor, triple check and make sure engine is free and no wires or connections are holding the engine down before lifting engine out

Got used engine from junkyard (with 60k miles) make sure itís a n26 motor if your car is a n26 can call your local dealer to confirm if you can get vins from your motor and junkyard motor

Swapped all components over from old engine to new, ac compressor, alternator, water pump ( I had to swap valve covers bc one from junkyard was cracked) check all wires and sensors see if any are broken or missing, check all wire harnesses before installing motor.

Now I just reversed this process but when installing I had to drop the subframe to get motor to clear the steering rack bc was touching

Buttoned everything up tripled checked connections, did oil change, new rad fluid, bleed system add freon check for leaks and should be good from there, go for a test drive and make sure everything is good.

Iím probably forgetting things but putting this up bc I did it in my backyard with basic tools so itís possible.
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