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Here is the logs...

This was the last log before the inlet

Log from yesterday post inlet

You can see that I hit 41.4 on the Maf reading and it never climbs which Im guessing is because Im maxing it out, so I have no basis for comparison to see if it reads higher on flow or not. Not really seeing any real signs of change on the waste gate duty cycle. Since Im an EWG car, they are always high and BM3 says I do not have a leak based ont he numbers.

Did it hurt performance? Nope... but did it help? No idea tbh. I would say that its obvious why it would help with an aftermarket turbo set up and maybe on stock running really high boost.

Mods are..
Injet intake
Charge Pipe
Catless DP
BM3 E30 Map
BMW Trans Flash
2015 335i xDrive
2015 X3 x35i

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