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Last update on this thread.

FCP has updated thier website and neither the pictures or the description on these are listed as "2 piece". Appears it indeed was, too good to be true.

Ah well, I did OEM rotors and Akebono pads last week and it seems good though I am surprised at the perceived decrease in initial bite. I've had a few times now where I've been concerned about them not working as expected but a little more pressure and they bite down better. I will try re-bedding them in the next couple of days and see how it goes.
Akebono are ceramic which have poor initial bite because they need to heat up to work. Hawk 5.0 pads have great bite.
Much of this thread is about two-piece rotors that are solidly attached. There is one actual floating 2-piece rotor in the stock size 370x30. Made by StopTech and special order. I got them in drilled with the anti-rust coating and the bite with Hawk 5.0 pads is amazing. The initial gold coating wears immediately off the swept surface but remains inside the holes and vanes. See photos.

Tried to attach photos but this Bimmerpost phone app is still buggy and won't attach the photos. Sorry!
At least I know it's not just me that's having the issues with the app. Lol
I think you're talking about the Stoptech Aerorotors. They look like they'd be nice rotors for the money.
Yes, I wish I could attach photos. They look similar to the drilled rotors in Brembo Big Brake Kits that use >30mm rotors on fronts and 28mm on rears. I think StopTech uses that aerorotor brand name for more than the floating 2-piece though so you have to make sure you're looking at the floating ones. I had difficulty finding a good price and finally ended up getting them through X-PH.

I chose the drilled rotors since I was looking for the best street performance. These drilled rotors along with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires make driving in the rain seem like dry road. If I was really looking to track the car I would have considered the slotted rotors.

I had the same Hawk 5.0 pads on plain rotors prior to this change so these rotors are definitely the difference in the braking improvement , and I was really very happy with the braking before. This just takes it to another level.