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Arrow BMW F32 4 Series Coupe Camouflage Peeled Digitally (Updated With Rear Renders)

BMW F32 4 Series Coupe Camouflage Peeled Digitally to Envision Production Form

The first F32 4 Series / 3 Series coupe prototypes have been out testing publicly since October (spy photo/video compilation). And although it remains in heavy camouflage, we've attempted to envision what the production form may look like underneath.

In producing the following images, we started from real life F32 spy photos (attached below) and combined it with some elements from the F30's styling, along with some educated guesses and imagination sprinkled throughout. We'll be able to better assess the accuracy of the image's detailed styling elements as the F32 prototypes lose some camouflage, but for now these will have to do. *Now updated with rear renders.

The result is a production F32 with very sleek and wide width-to-height proportions, seemingly more so than the current E92 3 series coupe which it will be replacing come 2013. It takes on the look of a baby 6-series coupe in some ways, but should maintain the driving characteristics that 3 series have come to be renowned for.

We expect the F32 to receive the same engines as the F30 3 series sedan -- i.e. the 4-cylinder turbo engine in the 28i and the 6-cylinder turbo 35i. As the F32 is supposed to take on a more upmarket image than the F30, perhaps BMW will offer a higher output for the 35i. Just speculation for now however.

Another uncertainty at this point is the model designation. We've reported before about rumors hinting at BMW considering a rebadge for the F32 Coupe and F33 Convertible as 4 series models. There's no final word on this yet, but the chances of BMW actually going with the 4 series moniker are fairly high. We expect the F32 to hit dealer showroom floors sometime in the second half of 2013.

* Click on images for higher resolution versions *

F32 Front Renders

Estoril Blue F32

Space Gray F32

Sapphire Black F32

Havanna F32

Melbourne Red F32

Silverstone II F32

Aqua Blue F32

Imperial Blue F32

Spy photo on which renders are based upon:

F32 Rear Renders

Estoril Blue II F32

Aqua Blue F32

Havanna F32

Imperial Blue

Sapphire Black

Sapphire Black

Space Grey

And for those who think the rear looks like an Accord, not really: