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From TIS it shows N20/N26 as eligible for LL-17 FE+ so it's not technically wrong.

However, my manual doesn't list it (because car is 2015). Below are the oils I would use (my last change I did LL-04 only because I am in Europe and use the gas here).

83212365946 - BMW TwinPower Turbo 5W-30 LL-01 (all gas)
83212365949 - BMW TwinPower Turbo 5W-30 LL-04 (all diesel, EU gas only)
83212365954 - BMW TwinPower Turbo 0W-20 FE+ Engine Oil LL-14 FE+

And some more info from another place:

For differentiation purposes, the oil specifications are designated according to the year in which they were first used as:
"BMW Longlife-01, -01 FE" (2001),
"BMW Longlife-04" (2004),
"BMW Longlife-12 FE" (2012)
and "BMW Longlife-14 FE+" (2014).

From a past thread :

The categories "BMW Longlife-01", "BMW Longlife-01 FE" and "BMW Longlife-14 FE+" as well as "BMW Longlife-04," and "BMW Longlife-12 FE" are qualitatively comparable but differ with regard to minimum viscosity at high oil temperatures (HTHS viscosity).

BMW Longlife-01 / -01 FE / -14 FE+ oils are only suitable for gasoline engines, while BMW Longlife-04 / -12 FE oils are suitable for diesel engines with
particulate filters, due to the reduced sulphate ash content.

LL-01 (ACEA A3/B4 base) requires the N20 performance test, N20 Aeration test and N42 Valvetronic RNT test
LL-01 FE (ACEA A5/B5 base) requires all the LL-01 tests plus the N20 Fuel Economy Test and has lower limits on HTHS and specifies a minimum KV100 of 10.0 and a minimum TBN of 10.0
LL-04 (ACEA C3 base) requires the same testing as LL-01
LL-12 FE (ACEA C2 base) requires all the same tests as LL-01 FE plus the N47 AATL carbonisation test and the N47 Fuel economy test. It also has even lower limits on HTHS and requires a minimum KV100 of 8.8 and a minimum TBN of 6.0
LL-14 FE+ (ACEA A1/B1 base) requires all the same testing of LL-01 FE but at minimums of HTHS 2.6, KV 7.8 and TBN 9.5