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Bluetooth functionality outside of BMW Apps, isn't near the level you require. The only way I can assert the kind of control you are looking for via the phone/Bluetooth connection is to actually hold the phone and control it from there. Defeats the whole purpose.

I was really surprised and disappointed by the Bluetooth integration that came with the $650 dollar BMW Assist/Enhanced bluetooth option. It's barely adequate.

I've taken to using my iPod Nano. I keep it in the armrest and it's always hooked up. Control via iDrive is much much better and the sound quality is better too. I just pull it out and synch it to my computer once a week. Works out well because it's the iPod I use at the gym, so I dont have to worry about keeping it charged. Unhook when I get to the Gym. Reconnect when
I'm done.

I doubt I would have paid the extra $650 for that option had I realized how limited it is. "enhanced" not really! $100 dollar iPod and the wired connection is a way better way to go.