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Originally Posted by ikonic View Post
Lol. Me too!!

The one thing I'm wishing a specced was the M-Sport brakes.

I think they'll look incredible on your estoril blue car, but seeing as I've gone for Sapphire black, you think the blue callipers will go well with it?
I think you could get away with them with the black and they will certainly stand out more. It's a tough call though and you may just have to wait until the configurator comes on line to give you a better idea.

Originally Posted by ikonic View Post
I keep umming and ahhing about whether to add them. They're an unnecessary luxury; but I do like idle pub chat and bragging about my callipers :P

If you could choose red, i think I'd have them in a shot.
I think most options are an unnecessary luxury but the way I see it is I'm going to have this car for years so why not enjoy it. I must admit I only added them for the look, I can't see myself flinging the car around bends so much that I'll have to rely on them but who knows.... They will certainly add bragging rights

I'm now considering the Head-Up Display. I know it's an expensive and mostly unnecessary addition but still.

It's going to be a long 17 weeks or so!!