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A DCT's advantage is its feel and connection with the car in manual mode and that is the only area where no AT can really compare. The DCT feels and acts like a true manual (because it is) and feels like a direct link to the car. In manual mode and in aggressive driving it is incredibly fun in a way an auto can't match yet.
Aye. I totally agree with all that lot For me, it's a case of using the 80/20 rule or, in reality, probably the 95/5 rule: if you have a manual or DCT, for 95% of driving you want an automatic. If you have an auto, for 5% of driving you want a manual. At least with my driving habits anyway. I've had manuals all my life and finally an auto box is good enough for me to get the best of both worlds with very, very little compromise. Kudos to ZF
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