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Originally Posted by Wild M View Post
As Raspartan pointed out, the configuration site is missing several features, including front & rear park distance control (option code 508, premium package comes with rear only - option code 507), 19 inch wheels with front/back offset (option code 2A4), M sport suspension (option code 704), heated rear seats (option code 496). It took me quite some time researching various documents (e.g., 2012 product planning bulletin, 2012 product guide) and web sites before ordering my 335i sport line. Even the dealership order system has undergone updates. They first charged me $900 for front/rear PDC (508), then they updated their system to recognize that if you have the premium package it is only $450.
M. I knew about most of those options, and i picked up 704 & 496 however nobody offered me the actually PDC option with front sensors and therefore i knew never that i have to pay extra for it, not that i need this option but if it something that was advertised... i want to use my rights to get what i was offered