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Thanks all! I love them too!

Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post
Does the highest quality really matter when you're running a rubber band on them and using them only for the looks?
I'm running them because they are light. I've had heavy wheels before and they really screw up the handling and comfort of the car. The added bonus is that they look awesome. And yes they cost a lot, but when you look at the finish on the end product they are actually worth it.

And some of you guys make it sound like they are useless. They weight less than stock wheels and I have more rubber in contact with the ground. The sidewall is a few mm shorter than what BMW offers so no big deal.

Originally Posted by iheart1013mm View Post
They are the same. John, 1013mm made a mistake typing it.
Ah, that explains the confusion.

Originally Posted by PGT View Post
285's are great. just needs to be the right OD and not stretched on a 10.5. I had 275's on a 9" wheel and it was a fairly square sidewall.
I don't know what OD means. But 285's are the recommended tire size for this width. As I've said numerous times it is just the design of the Pirellis. Look at this 285 tire on a 10.5" rim.

Originally Posted by bananachipz View Post
$8K? What the actual fuck? I mean, they are nice and all...but...

Please post pics of your first curbing #yesimadick
I paid $11k incl. taxes, shipping and tires. But the wheel/tire package alone will be around $8k in this size and finish in the US.