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Originally Posted by mad1stgen View Post
Props to the owner for a perfect spec F31 IMO, excellent B58 swap candidate too

Any rubbing issues with 513m wheels and those 245/40 and 275/35 tires ? Do you have any profile shots to see the poke ?

I've owned, and built over 10 E91s, great wagons. My current project is an estoril F31 however, about to get 6mt/6cyl swapped.

The F31 is a totally different car. It's light years ahead of E91 IMO. It's lighter, quicker than the anemic N52, better handing than E91 Xdrive cars, and much better equipped than even Msport E91s.

This car here is pretty much perfect IMO, priced well, with easy $5-6k in suspension, brakes, and wheels, where it counts the most.
Thank you for the compliments!!

There is no rub with the Style 513M wheels.

This attached photo (before 335i exhaust was installed) is the best one I have showing the "poke" when it stops raining here I will take some more photos.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my F31!! My dream build would be an F81 conversion but with the car being CPO'd through June 2021, I couldn't justify doing this. The car has been a joy to drive and the only reason I haven't done the stage 3+ Dinan upgrade is because I was trying to squeeze out the extra money to get the Dinan turbo Stage 4. I think this will turn the car into a completely different animal and with the extras I am including would be done for a minimal amount of cost vs an engine swap. Another direction to go with it would be to do a 6 speed and 2wd lsd conversion (One of the Dinan technicians has done it!). With this light N20 up front this would be an awesome canyon carver!

The reason I am selling is because I have a deposit on a new X3M which gets me to the performance level I want along with a warranty. Plus my wife likes the ingress egress into the SUV better...
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