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Originally Posted by AP View Post
assuming the a/c systems is the same as the one in the F10, I too also found the fan speed button logic a little odd , I was coming from a E39 where when you pressed Auto, everything was automatic including the fan speed.
So when I picked up my F10 (on a resoanbly warm day) I was surprised that he fan speed was low despite setting a low temperature and 'auto'.
WHen teh car was delivered, the fan speed was set to its minumum speed.
Looking atthe manual, and its not clear you do need to set the speed and I've set it to the middle setting and its been ok from that point on.

I'm not sure why BMW have put this logic in and its not obivious to me. I assume if auto was selected, it would handle everthing.....
From using the 5-series, the logic is in getting the control functions more easily identified in the control panel, and away from iDrive, as in the E60. The non iDrive mode for intensity, was even more difficult to understand in the E60, IMO. F10 makes it very simple and an immediate 'visual' on where we are.

We must remember that when in 'auto' we are simply adjusting the intensity value inside the auto programme, it will still adjust itself for air flows, etc.

Manual mode changes fan speed to fixed air flows.

This may help for the 3-series.

BTW, there is a video from BMW on the F10 as well.