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Bootmod3 - Need some help

Car: 2018 440xi GC, B58, non-MPPSK, automatic
Tune: BM3 Stage 2 91 oct
Mods: ER Catless DP

BM3 has been fantastic so far but thereís this odd scenario I keep encountering at highway speeds in sport mode, or city driving in 5th gear +. When the car is in Sport mode (by pressing the button, NOT by pulling the shifter to the left) and sitting in 5th gear at around 100-110km/h and I hit the accelerator, the car gives off what I can only describe as a droning sound and hangs in 5th for a second. itís almost like it doesnít want to leave 5th unless I WOT and then itíll get to 6th but at a higher RPM. It doesnít do this always but frequently enough that Iíve noticed it.

Kinda similar in city driving as well. Comfort mode is keen in keeping the RPMs low and gear changes frequent. 5th gear at around 65km/h has what I can only describe as drone and the car rocks when I try to get it to 6th gear at around 70-75km/h. Itís like it canít decide which gear to be in so it tries to keep me in 5th with this very subtle rocking of the RPMs.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Iím not sure if I should do some data logs. Iím knew to tuning so if I should do some logs please let me know what gear(s) I should log cause I see conflicting information.
2018 440i xDrive Gran Coupe | Bootmod3 Stage 2 | ER Catless DP