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Originally Posted by NANOCS View Post
I polished my old bmw , i had many of scratches You need polishing machine , Manzera or 3M pastes and about 20 minutes of free time. Step by step :
1.Wash car and this , dry,
2. Use clay for remove all dirts

3.Dry , and start polishing. You need to choose a paste i think Manzerna 500 will be to strong. If i were you i will start from Manzerna 2500 , then Manzerna 3000. After polishing remove paste using a towell. I had many scratches here

After paint correction is good to coat a surface , i made a big test on Cquartz coat this is a good chooice for car paint protection
Thanks for the advice! Your car looks great. I still haven't done anything about it but every time I look at it, it makes me want to cry. I think I'll consult my insurance company first before taking it into my own hands.