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Really sorry to drag this up from the past, but I’m retrofitting the heated wheel and have what I thought was everything. However, I have nowhere to plug in my little single black wire from the control module.

Any ideas?

I’ve reused my wheel loom so I’m wondering if it’s not present on that (item 5 above needs swapping maybe).

I’ve added the button, added the wheel, added the module, coded and get “steering wheel heating activated/deactivated” on dash as expected - just no heat!

Edit to add. 100% it is that I don’t have the correct loom. For anyone else stumbling on this thread in years to come, f you’re interested Part 32307848337 is what I’ve ordered - steering wheel loom for cars with lane departure/heated wheel. 👍

What if you do not have lane departure warning on car. I added heated msport wheel (car was standard with msport), button and module. coded via bimmercode and light comes on button but no heat. The module does have another single wire coming off it with no place to go. I assume this would be for vibrator? please help.
Yes that is where it would go. Did you ensure you bought a heated steering wheel? That's the only thing that would make sense I do believe that just the heating element would work without the vibrations assist.