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Very nice review. I haven't seen another photo gallery of F30 pictures as complete and well done as yours. Congrats on the new car - it looks amazing.

How do the different Driving Dynamics Control modes feel in the F30? I'm sure this is somewhere in the F30 forum, but you seem to have an especially keen interest in the details of this car, so I'd love to know your opinion. In my 6er I feel a huge difference in throttle, stiffness, steering, and exhaust between Sport and Comfort, so I'm curious if BMW has kept this clear distinction in other models as well. What about EcoPro? I don't have that on my 2012 6er, but I think the 2013s with the Start/Stop feature will have it. Seems like it might get annoying between Start/Stop, climate control being overtaken by the EfficientDynamics gods, etc. Just curious.

Again, great review and pics, and congratulations!

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How did you get the special Ipod screen to display? Is that through BMW Apps?
That is the iPod Plugin feature through BMW Apps. It requires the BMW Apps software and the use of the iPhone cradle (the system treats it like video - which requires the cradle).

I have BMW Apps on my 650xi, but I don't have the cradle, so I haven't had the opportunity to play with this feature. The normal interface for the iPod/iPhone is very easy to navigate, so I haven't bothered paying $250 for a cradle when I know a new iPhone is coming and will thus require another $250 cradle in the near future. Most of the Apps features don't do much for me (Facebook, Twitter, MOG, Pandora, Web Radio, etc.), but they are very cool to play with.

I'm most looking forward to iOS6 including the MAP feature that will allow us to get texts/e-mails via bluetooth (this is currently available for BB and a few other phone manufacturers).