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Without googling - the tuning fork symbol isn't their company logo but a mark utilized on a style emenating from there groundbreaking high frequency regulated movement from the sixties. They had a compressed air limited edition movement in the late 90's early 2000's where they kept the same styling as there original Accutron and Accutron II models but they now have a complete range of quartz movement models.

Whether Bulova is producing there own movements, which I think they do, or buying Miyota movements is what you want to find out. My guess is Bulova uses Japanese design and parts assembled in Taiwan- and assembled with quality and with a rather accurate and sturdy movement.

I'm curious so I'll google the details. I think Bulova is a rather interesting timepiece offering value and accuracy and a good lifespan.
Unlike some low quality jewelry the Bulova case and band use as much nickel as more expensive watches.

Also the watch size looks perfect for your wrist.

After googling, read that Bulova is part of Citizen based in NewYork. I can't tell on my phone but does your watch say Precisionist on it ?
Interesting article

Does your second hand sweep like described in the article or jump incrementally every second?

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