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Originally Posted by Ron Scott View Post
Absolutely...LOL. And those "prices" are the only ones you "pay."

People who sing the praises of the RWD feel over xDrive are either spending more time on Internet forums than the road, or haven't done a reasonable comparison on the F30s. F30 xDrives give you 99% of what the RWD gives in feel.

The only reason to favor RWD these days is sticker price, period.

So the additional weight, drivetrain power loss, higher ride height, lower fuel economy, combined with the fact that in 95% of normal driving conditions the front wheels are doing nothing but sapping energy?

I test drove all 4 variations of the F30 (328i/xi, 335i/xi) and driving them back to back I could immediately notice the power robbery and extra weight of the x-Drive. It's the same difference you notice when driving with a car full of people. Perhaps I spend more time on the internet...but it doesn't make sense to me to bear the extra burden unless you are a person who NEEDS to drive in a blizzard (and we live on the same Island - so if you pass me in a blizzard you can make your point then). Here on LI most of the roads are plowed any time they get past a few inches. I've lived here for 30 years and have never owned a AWD car, nor have I ever been stuck in the snow - and I average 20-25k per year with a 30 mile commute in all kinds of bad weather. To further my point, my wife rear ended someone last year in her AWD SUV because she was on the standard all season tires and couldn't stop in time.

For what it's worth the only reason I went with RWD is the sh*t eating grin of pushing the ass end out in a corner. Otherwise I would've just gotten another FWD car.
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