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Originally Posted by timberland1 View Post
Last week a snow storm hit us here, and the roads were not salted or plowed at 5 am. I ended up getting stuck trying to make a right on a very small hill. I had no grip and was stuck there for 30 mins until i wiggled my way out.

I have practically new 18" Pirelli Sottozero non-runflats and I'm still having problems. I am missing my x-drive on my e90 now, or better yet, should have waited for x-drive for the f30 =(

Any suggestions on what i should be doing to increase traction/grip in the winter? Any RWD pointers in winter?

I have heard that if i load my trunk with over 100+ lbs of junk, it would increase traction.

I will give you my experience before I jump into the AWD vs RWD diversion. I have felt an improvement after putting several large heavy bags of ice melting salts into the trunk. Try that. Also, sometimes you will be able to get into a parking spot, but not be able to get out, you can shovel a little, and put some of the salt on the ground to melt the ice, and create a rough surface to get some traction on. Rocking back and forth to get out, or little bursts of gas sometimes achieve the momentum needed. Sometimes as you do achieve some forward or reverse progress, depending where you want to go, what I've made work is pressing the brake to hold your position when you start slidng back down instead of sliding back down, and then starting again from there where you held the brake.

I've been driving probably 20 years and always used dedicated winters, it's a non issue. You can't/shouldn't even bring it up as a factor. Get/need winter tires, on RWD/AWD/4x4. It redicoulous to compare RWD with winters vs AWD and All Seasons and say RWD with winters is better that AWD with all seasons. My new ultra light space shuttle material tenis raquette strung up with wool sewing thread is also worse that my old wooden tenis raquette. C'mon. Why do people even compare that. If it snows where you live, and stays at freezing and colder all the time in winter, you need winter tires. On snow/ice safely slowing down and stopping is the most critical. You need ice and snow tires. Put it into perspective. I'm sorry, but snow driving experienced in Maryland, Virginia, Vancouver, is not Montreal, Winnipeg, Burlington, Champlain.

And RWD on allseason or snows, is not even a contender to AWD and 4x4 in getting up and moving. It is the slowing and stopping, that will be compromised without winter tires on any drive type. I won't give up my AWD or 4x4 for just my RWD BMW. Too much hassle I don't want to put up with. I want to just get into my truck, engage 4x4 and drive off. RWD BMW, great summer, spring, fall car. Get out of 1971. Who drives RWD sports cars or convertibles in real winter anyway. But a BMW, oh yeah for sure, get in, lets go for an arctic expedition, these things are great leave you arctic Hilux behind.....