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I had a Renault Super 5, it almost looked like this

or so I wish, but in fact it looked more like
with a whooping 48hp, 4 gear manual. A real slug.

Then got the Citroen Saxo, with the mighty 1.1L 58hp inline 4, now with 5 gears ! Car was unsafe with a strong tendency to lockup front wheels on even the mildest braking under the slightest rain. Ah, the good days of gen-1 low rolling resistance tires...

Then I decided to get myself a luxury car, but because I was still broke, I had to tap the 70's. Got a 1974 504ti. 100hp RWD, seatbelts optional, no crumple zone, long suspension travel (designed to survive on colonial african roads), would reach happily 200km/h but with drum brakes from hell, got scared driving that coffin, but was enjoyable otherwise

Then moved to the US and started getting German cars exclusively. Boring list from there, you all had the same type of things.

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