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Originally Posted by rado
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What type of drain plug? The parts dept gave me a metal flat washer for the plug. This baffles me for I saw on another sight that the plug took an o-ring. It amazes me that there is disparity from one BMW parts dept to another.
Yes, the plastic drain plug takes an o-ring. The BMW replacement oil filter included a plastic bag with replacement o-rings *and* a metal crush washer, but there was no need for the metal washer. I assume some other model takes the same oil filter and has a conventional metal oil plug (and pan) that takes the washer.

BTW, a low range torque wrench and 3/8" hex driver (socket) is good to have for reseating the oil drain plug, as the tightening spec (marked on the plug) is only 7 N-m (62 in-lb). You could do it by feel, but the tendency would probably be to over-torque it.

You're kidding. 5 ft-lbs??? If its on the plug I suppose...
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