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Originally Posted by Mrcarcrazy View Post
BMW only cares that the car functions flawlessly til the end of warranty....after that it's not their problem. Think about it for a second.

Absolutely everything passes through a cost/benefit calculator. If cost> benefit, then x doesn't happen. If Benefit to BMW > Cost then x does happen.

Oil changes are a perfect example. Oil has improved, filters have improved, engines have improved....the years of 3k oil changes are gone. However how much you are willing to go over that is your choice. BMW says your car will be fine til the end of its warranty with 15k oil changes....So if not owning past warranty who cares? If you plan on keeping it past warranty then you should care and possibly think on your own vs. trusting other people.
Was watching the N20 build video and came across this thread. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions but one should at least become familiar with the ACEA and their specifications. Specifically A3/B4 and C3*

*Euro owners who have low sulphur high quality petrol.