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Originally Posted by rado View Post
I've changed my oil, and the oil pan (and plug) are most definitely black plastic. I have a US 2013 328i with 6MT (model 133N according to the build sheet), and the label on the hood says "ULEV", *not* "SULEV". So either you are wrong, the BMW docs are wrong and I have an N26, or they have changed the oil pan on the N20. Which do you suppose it is (seriously)?
I did a bit more research, and I think I've found the explanation. From browsing the RealOEM parts database it appears that all F30 328i N20's and N26's have a plastic oil pan (and plastic plug), the F30 328iX N20 and N26 have metal oil pans (and metal plug). I was assuming it was an N20 vs N26 issue, when in reality it's a 328i vs 328iX issue.
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