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Originally Posted by martinf79 View Post
Nice ride!

Completely seperate note ... why do all of the US dealerships create their own tacky license plate frames and tacky promo materials? Are there no BMW brand guidelines in the US?? In Canada, almost all BMW license plate frames are black w/ BMW font usage, etc. I'm sure they still vary from dealer to dealer, but they are certainly more aligned to the BMW look and feel (and premium presentation). The dealer plates + inner marketing on your car looks like its for a used Kia??? WTF is wrong w/ the dealers in the US? Does BMW Head Office in the US have any control over how they operate??
At U.S. each dealership owned by different groups, and I guess it is their marketing strategy. Two years ago, My wife took her old Camry (with no plate frames)to do a service at Toyota dealership, It came out with a dealer plate frames says "serviced at Fremont Toyota". I was like WTF is that?? Free license plate frames?????
I'd remove them as soon as I got the new frames.
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