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Originally Posted by chong0 View Post
either you are young, single or married without kids. there are limited kid haulers in the world and the f31 is probably at the top of most people's lists that don't want their manhood totally stripped away. aside from a used rs6 or maybe an E61, there are very limited wagons with manual transmissions around.
Unfortunately, you misunderstood my post entirely. I had responded to Ron Scott's single-word, original post of "Yuck" with "Why? It is a tidy station wagon that nicely continues the lines of the car." I continued, opining "if you need/want one this looks like an attractive option."

I am still interested in his explanation of "yuck", although he deleted his post following my initial query. I doubt we will be hearing from him.

(P.S. I suspect most people have, at minimum, a blunt understanding of the station wagon market. )