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Originally Posted by martinf79 View Post
I put on Bridgestone Blizzack LM-60 Winter Performance (19s x 255 Rear x 225 Front). Notice absolutely NO difference in road feel/handling. Sooo pleaased w/ them.
Interesting, I got the same tires, 18" though, 225/45
And the ride is more harsh than my runflat summer performance tires, I know winter tires will be a bit more choppy but figured since they weren't run flats it would be about equal, I was wrong. Maybe if you are going from 19" summers to 19" winters it feels the same, but 18" summers to 18" snow doesn't.

I wouldn't call it "bouncy" though, I can just feel the road more, like if it was put into sport suspension mode (which my xdrive doesn't have)