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Oil change

I also did an oil change on a 328i 07
Oil capacity is closer to 6.3 quarts.
Hold on to your wallet when its time to service the transmission if its an automatic. An independent BMW shop wanted $ 800. I You-Tubed and Bimmerfested the procedure and DIY for about $200.
BMW used to say lifetime Trans fluid but really who believes that.

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Our 328i hit 4k miles today. This is our family's 1st BMW and 15k/1year oil change interval seemed really cool but scares the hell out of me. I change engine oil around 3k~5k for all of our family cars. My personal 03 G35 coupe bought new 9 years ago has 156k miles and still runs like champ I still believe it's because I change engine oil (synthetic) every 3k~4k miles.

I tried to search for engine oil capacity for our N20 engine, but had no luck. Owners manual just tells you to get engine oil change at the dealer... which is very informative... I called local BMW dealer today and asked one of the service adviser how much engine oil one should put with a new engine filter. The guy tells me 7qts... it seemed too much for a 2.0L engine (ex. Nissan 3.5L engines take 5qts) so I told him to check again for me. He put me on hold and got back to me 5 min later saying he was wrong and the engine should take 5 quarts after the oil change I ran the oil level check in the vehicle info screen, it was right at the top of max mark.

bought the filter from the dealer ($13.74), 5qts of 5w-30 Mobil 1 synthetic from walmart ($28)... and 30 min of my weekend time.

the oil from the engine was REALLY dirty. Way too dirty/black for me to have it in the car for another 11k miles, the 1st oil change the BMW has scheduled for the car. Also, I found very small chunks of metal bottom of the oil drain pan which I clearly cleaned before doing the engine oil change. This clearly is not good for the engine in long run.

Many people who lease the car prob wont give a $hit, but I just wanted to inform those of who wants to keep the car for many years to come.