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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria?

You don't know if these are modern, developed countries?

If you're a tourist going to tourist sites, people will try to make money off you no matter where you's what they do. Beggars go to the main populated sites, just like in any other major city in the entire world. Scam-wise, hard to say...depends on what you consider a scam.

You've looked at people's ED pictures, what did it look like to you? I've never seen single ED pic that looked anything like the roads in India.

But whether you feel like you're being scammed or not, the real question is, do you care about seeing the world? I want to see places, so I just go. I can deal with the fact that there are differences because I understand that the stuff people are OK with in other countries is sometimes different from what I am OK with in my country. But I'm in their country, so it is what it is.

Regardless, if you're talking about places like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, I mean....well, whatever...
no no, dont take me the wrong way here. I understand other countries, just if im not so comfortable taking a road trip around them unless its not too different. I mean it's easy to get lost driving around the united states, but i know if i need help, its easy to find and i know the language.
yea the pictures look nothing like the other countries i mentioned. Morrocco was the worst I've been to so far. Alot of anti American and i got cursed out by a cab driver because i didnt agree to his horrible rate. wanted 100 dollars for a 10 minute ride before i got in. He made quite a scene and i didnt feel safe.
In India i was at a national monument, they have guards walking around like park patrol, i asked one which way was a bathroom and he showed me then demanded i pay him. He had a gun and police so i pretty much had to.
These are the things im afraid of when traveling especially if i have my BMW with me.

I have never heard anything bad about Germany so im excited to do that, but other countries around I've heard mixed reviews. So i like hearing peoples experience here.