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Originally Posted by Jackson743 View Post
Actually, it could theoretically be your problem if exhaust is considered stolen. That means you're in the receipt of stolen property and you'll have to return it to the sponsor. Then you'll have take the little shit to small claims court if he doesn't return your money to you.

But, it'll never come to that. The kid or the parents will just have to cut a check to the sponsor. Someone paid for that F30, so someone has cash and it's just not worth the trouble.
Simple Breach of Contract.

You can't steal something if you paid for it and have a sponsorship agreement. The OP is not liabled, but the seller has violated his contract with said sponsor, hence breach of contract.

This kid tried to rip me off. He talks crap about the M Performance Exhaust but then wants to buy my barely used (500 miles) for $200 but want to sell me his stock for $400.

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