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Originally Posted by R12ax7 View Post
That's really interesting. Sounds like that is the correct 3M tape I have always used. Actually if its the same Helix I know, they are located near me in Philly and I can tell you first hand they are a reputable shop with a presence on the post. Might consider reaching out to them directly (this is their website, if its the same Helix: That being said, I believe their focus is fabricating performance parts, particularly some nice higher capacity inter-coolers for BMW and Mini.

I've heard of DEPO (as i recall they used to make replica "blacklines" for e90s and other lighting products), but I think most people would consider the IND painted reflectors to be the benchmark - they are probably a bit pricier but worth it in my opinion. Also, I think you are right that there is a slight natural curve to the reflectors having just removed my painted ones and reinstalled the OEMs - both had that slight curve.

Maybe you can use some heat to bend these to a better shape? Obviously be careful not to mess up the paint though.
Yeah Helix was also a solid brand for aftermarket exterior pieces in the VW community where I'm coming from.

I've reached out to the seller to see if maybe I just got some defective set or one that had been sitting on the shelf too long. I just ordered the DEPO ones now to see if they follow that natural curve. The reflector piece on the DEPO ones also seem to be a little bit smaller and in line with the OEM style.

I thought about heating them but kinda makes me nervous. I think at worst I will end up trying to apply some betalink very carefully.

I'm so OCD about this stuff lol. The IND color matched ones seemed like a good option but I didn't like the way the gap was "too" close as pointed out earlier in the thread.
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