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Originally Posted by Jinesh View Post
Hello everyone,

My Infiniti Q50 lease is ending soon and I'm considering buying a car. I'm looking for something AWD, economical on gas (30+ mpg), less than four years old, and reasonably priced (maybe $18k max).

I've been eyeing subarus, small SUVs and crossovers, and a 2015 320i xDrive. However I'm a bit worried by the cost of BMW upkeep. I've leased a BMW before, and any service was fully covered. I did replace brakes and tires and the price was on the high side but not insane. Would buying a 2015 320i xDrive be a reasonable financial decision? I'm looking for something economical but fun to drive (automatic trans). Or are there better choices?

Just FYI my ideal car would be an AWD Tesla Model 3, but those start at $45K used.
If you can stay within the mileage .... leasing is the way to go imho... $20,000 financed 5 years is approx. $375.... regular 330i is $419 ... no headaches...