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Unless there's a common fault for a specific car you're never going to know. Okay, people often berate Alfa for reliability, in the early days I had many Alfa's 3X alfa 156's, two diesel, one petrol, 1 X 159 and a Giulietta.

I bought one for $800.00 with 150,000 miles on the clock, it lasted until 224,000 miles until it rusted. At that point the cost of repair was higher than the fix so I got rid. The other two I got bored of after 130K miles. The newer Giulietta was rather dull and very much reliable, I've had more squeaks / rattles etc. from BMW'S, Jag's etc.

The early production 159 I had essentially clogged its own engine and fell apart, all the new fancy DPF systems destroyed it (it was new tech at the time). I had the same engine in a high mileage 156 but this one just didn't want to work properly.

Point? It's pot luck, if you're going to get a fancy car always keep an eye on the top line costs. If a B58 blew I'd be okay with replacing the engine, same goes for transmission but of course I really do hope that will never happen.

P.S The obligatory board statement will recommend you need a 340i or M3 even if you wanted a Mini..

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