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Originally Posted by FastF30 View Post
Add extended warranties and maintenance etc... there is not much difference to justify for me to buy used except for what I mentioned before... New car every 3 years is really nice... is usually when you catch the design change also...any dings smaller than a credit card is okay... 6" or shorter on the curb-rash for rims... oil changes included as with other maintenance... we very happy with it.... if your pinching pennies that much... maybe move to NYC and get a monthly subway pass...
Your initial statement was that the lease was comparable in cost to a four year old BMW, then when I say it isn't you say "new car every 3 years is nice" and "if your pinching pennies that much..." . "get a monthly subway pass..."which is completely different. If you want a new car every 3 years and prefer leases it's fine but not relevant to the initial question.
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