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Originally Posted by Firaxis View Post
New M340i $600.00 PM / $6K deposit, lease term 48 X 2 = roughly $70K

My car...

Bought Dec 2017
2015 BMW 335i Msport/ Mbrakes w/extended warranty and tire/wheel protection
72 month @ 640= $46080 nothing down + maitenance + mods ($3,000+/-) ... think'in about coilovers.. +$2500...
I Baby it beyond belief always worried about it to the point of paranoia.. lol... it doesn't even come out of the $179month garage if the streets aren't clear and above 40f

BMW current lease my area...
M340i Xdrive
549 lease x 72 = 39528
down payment (2) 3year leases= 7050
Total: 46,578 .... absolutely ZERO maitenance... ZERO MODS... well maybe a JB+ .... lol....
I BEAT the living shit out of leases.... it's a lease.... I'll park it on the street... lol...

So..... in my book .... it's a lot more fun leasing.... first time I bought a car in 28 years... I have always leased... we'll see on the next one...

I don't really look at trade in value at the end because the fun I could of had is priceless....

I'm not going to keep the car that long.... maybe another 2 years when the extended warranty is up... trade in value really tanked this year... and I'm not the private seller kind of person...

I'd be getting a new M340i this December if I was leasing right now... instead I'm stuck in my car payment cause trade in sucks....

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