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Most European countries are more tourist friendly, depending on which areas you go to. UK, Germany, Switzerland, and France are always good ideas, and in the major cities it's fairly easy to get by on English. Driving in these countries are also not a problem.

Tourism is by definition a rip-off industry, no matter where you go. Hell, just look at prices in all the touristy places in the US, 8 bucks for a hotdog. Play it smart, do your research beforehand, don't be totally obvious (walking around with backpack and giant camera and crocs or sth), and don't wave around a giant wad of cash or any ostentatious items (AKA keep that $5,000 watch or $15,000 ring at home).

However, there are some countries that are definitely worse. Italy, and in particular Rome is not very tourist friendly. If you don't look like a local or speak the language, they'll mark up all prices for all goods and services by at least 100% just as a general rule. Taxi rides that usually cost 30 Euros are all of a sudden 100 for tourists.

Personally never done ED myself (timing didn't allow for it for my F30, hoping to do it in the future), but I have been to all the above listed countries.