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Well, let me sum it up from my pow.
E46, had a tad more quality interiour than the E90 imo, specially the seats in the latter looks pretty cheap imo.
the new 3 brings alot more premium back to the 3 series, more style, finally a fresh interiour, new lines, i just love it!
Further more, the front, side, awsome, very agressive looking, as a BMW should imo!
Cons, the rear, looks like the facelift E90/F10, pretty boring imo, it should have it's own personality.
But overall, very positive, i didn't think they would make it this good, and i belive they have taken a huge steep regarding design and premium interiour with this new model!
And it's lighter as well, as we all have been ranting of.

This model will do very well!
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